KidCo Angle Mount Wood Safeway Gate

KidCo Angle Mount Wood Safeway Gate

The Angle-Mount Wood Safeway Child Safety Gate is an elegant and sturdy baby gate for stairs. You will love the wood look that will perfectly fit in your decor. Ideal for parents who are looking for safety, but also for the look. The KidCo Angle Mount Wood Safety Gate look nice, swing nicely, and latch firmly. They are hardware mounted for maximal safety and the angle mount allows the gate to be installed in places more difficult to install standard gates, including angled banisters and walls. This baby gates for stairs features a one-hand-adult-operated walk though gate Angle-Mount hardware system, a quick-release hardware for easy gate removal, a furniture grade wood construction that stands 31″ high making it safer with less tripping for taller parents, and will stop even the taller kids. For $89.99, this handsome and sturdy gate is all yours.  (more…)

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Date: Wednesday, 16. September 2009 9:41
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