KidCo Configure Gate

KidCo Configure Gate

Simply fantastic expandable gate 4 5 stars
The KidCo Configure Gate is large, very large, and can be custom to accommodate different parts of the house. This safety gate is will let your little one roam free in a large section of the home or at the top of the stairway, away from the dangerous areas. The safety gate includes three interlocking sections, each one of them is 29 inches high by 24 inches long. How it works : the three sections can be locked together in a bendable configuration that fits any area of the house. And if you need a larger gate, no problem, you can can add more sections to the gate. This is a wall-mounted gate, and is extremely secure for any parts of the house. The wall fixtures are included. Perfect for toddlers age 6 months to 36 months. (more…)

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Date: Wednesday, 11. November 2009 21:24
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