Kidco Safeway Gate

Kidco Safeway GateGreat nice looking gate 4 stars

The KidCo Safeway Gate is the number one choice of many parents who want safety for their young kids. A top rated brand by many, including a leading consumer organization. The KidCo Safety Gate is known to be easy to adjust and install and features a great directional system that prevents the safety gate for stairs from swinging out over the staircase. The KidCo Safeway Gate is a hardware mounted gate which can be permanently mounted, and the hardware can be installed in a way that will not damage your house. This kid gate is fast and truly easy to install at the top or bottom of any stair case. And for a limited time, get a 36% discount off the gate! (more…)

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Date: Wednesday, 11. November 2009 21:40
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