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The use of Baby Gates For Stairs to prevent injuries.

By nature, babies are curious. If let alone, babies will move around the room and are susceptible to injuries, especially if there are stairs nearby. To prevent infants from falling off the stairs, it is important to block their access to the stairs. This can easily be done with Baby Gates For Stairs.

Baby Gates For Stairs will protect your infant from falls by blocking off the dangerous part of the house, the stairs. There are many different models of Baby Gates For Stairs, some of which may or may not fit your stairs. Here is what to consider when purchasing stairs gates.

Buying new or second hand?

Although you may be tempted to buy a second hand Baby Gates For Stairs, it is usually preferable to purchase a new stair gate. However, if you decide to go for a second hand Baby Gates For Stairs, make sure that the gate is in good conditions and that there we no recall of the products since its release on the market. Also, make sure that the second hand Baby Gates For Stairs you are purchasing was made after 1985, as products made may not respect today’s safety standards. Older chairs can be hazardous. For example, the slats may be too far apart, allowing baby to put their head in between, or may have a structure that would allow baby to climb on it, therefore giving baby the chance of passing over the Baby Gates For Stairs.

Hardware mounted or Free standing?

Hardware mounted Baby Gates For Stairs need a full installation. They are are attached to the wall or to the door frame with screws.
The advantage. There is no chance that the gate will be pushed out of place
The downside. You will need to permanently mark your door frame or your wall by installing the gate. Also hardware mounted Baby Gates For Stairs are not portable, so if you have other rooms in the house where you also want to use a Baby Gates For Stairs, you will not be able to reuse the hardware mounted model.

Free standing Baby Gates For Stairs
Free standing safety gates are not recommended for use at the top of a stairway. However, Free standing gates can be use at the bottom of a stairway and can be useful in the event where you have a more modern house and have no door frame or wall to install a hardware mounted Baby Gates For Stairs.
The advantage. You do not need to install the gate, therefore no wreckage of the wall or doorframe. Also, free standing gates are very portable and can be used in other room, indoors or outdoors.

Swinging doors or sliding doors

Baby Gates for Stairs come with rolling doors, swinging doors or sliding doors. If purchasing a sliding door, make sure that everybody will close the door after coming up or doing down the stairs. If you choose to purchase a swinging door gate, after installing the gate, make sure that the doors swings open away from the stairway, as baby will not be able to open the doors, and if someone comes up the stairs, that person will be in the way of any baby who would try to slip through the open door, therefore stopping baby from falling. Therefore, always make sure that a bracket or some specialized device can stop the gate from opening over the stairs. Keep your stairway secure with a Baby Gates For Stairs that opens in only one direction, which is away from danger

Vertical slats

All models should respect safety standards that require vertical slats. However, if you are purchasing a second hand Baby Gates For Stairs, make sure that the model comes with vertical slats. Horizontal slats can provide a way for baby to climb up the gate, making it very hazardous.

Shop safely at Baby Gates for Stairs!

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