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The First Years Hands Free Gate
The First Years Hands Free Gate

The First Years Hands Free Gate pedal

cost of gate: $59.99 $50.16
cost of extensions: $15
-32″ Tall
-fits 29″-34″ stairway width
-1.5″ bar to step over
-gate opening 17″

Other: Pedal


-The hands-free step pedal making the totally hand free
– Good height.
– Very sturdy.
– Ramp feature for the bar to help minimize tripping factor.
– Fits only up to 34″ stairways (possibility of having to purchase an extension)

-Narrow opening (17″ wide), making it difficult to not bump into the gate

– If you are looking for a real hands free gate, and do not mind the narrow width of the gate opening, try this one

KidCo Center Gateway

KidCo Center Gateway

cost of gate: $119 $83.01
cost of extensions: $24
-gate is 29.5″ Tall
-fits 29.25″ to 37.5″ stairway width
-1″ bar to step over
-gate opening 22″

– Wide gate opening (about 22″).
– Very secure latch feature. To open the gate, you have to push a button to lift the handle and lift the gate over a little ledge, which makes it nearly impossible for a child to figure out.
– Very adjustable widths, therefore would probably fit in most door widths. Also comes with end pieces and spindles to provide more width flexibility.
– Low bar across the floor, therefore less tripping risks.
– Highest rating from Consumer Reports. (Child safety gates 8/04)

– Expensive
– More difficult to install than other baby gates for stairs (although still very feasible)
– Short height gate

– In the end, if you can afford to pay the price definitely worth it!

Summer Infant – Sure and Secure Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate

Summer Infant Sure and Secure Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate black

cost of gate: $59.99
cost of extensions: included
-gate is 36″ Tall
-fits 28″-48″ stairway width
-2″ bar to step over
-gate opening 19″

– Good quality/price.
– Extremely tall
– Come with extensions in 5″ and 10″ to fit more easily wider stairways and doorways.
– Gate opening ok – 19″
– Nice look

– Latch mechanism very easy to operate. Although it is possible that kids can figure it out easily, height of the gate would make it very hard to reach
– Can sometimes be an odd fit to the doorway/stairway because the 33″ gate can be too small while the 5″ extension can be too big to add.
– It does have the highest bar across the bottom to step over – 2″.

– Probably the best value for your money, as long as it fits well in your doorway/stairway


We compared parents reviews, here are the three preferred parents baby gates for stairs. Those three gates received extremely good reviews from our parents, but also received high ratings overall. After trying 3 different gates (that all had high ratings on Amazon) some parents felt that they preferred some of the features of one specific gate over the others.

The three baby safety gates for stairs tested were sturdy and compliant with safety standards, although some gates came with more interesting features than others. However, remember that your choice in baby gates for stairs can also depend on the type of stairs, houses or situation you encounter. In the end, the key features that ended up making a difference to the parents were both the width of the baby gates for stairs opening and the latch mechanism.

Note : gate opening refers to the space your walk to and not the stairways/doorways it fits into

Conclusions about the three different models of baby gates for stairs.

-The three baby gates for stairs fit pretty tightly in the doorways/stairways after being adjusted properly. Depending on the walls, the moldings, etc, you might need to take an extra 5 to 10 minutes to adjust them and get them straight and hanging correctly.
– The three models of baby gates for stairs have the same type of post for the pressure-mount. They are covered with a rubbery material which helps them not slip on the wall.
– The three models of baby gates for stairs are fairly easy to set up.
– On a quality point of view, all parents seem to think they looked good.

Hardware mounted gates are considered safe and stable enough to be used as baby gates for stairs. However, in some newer house or townhouse, where the wall next to the staircase doesn’t have any studs in it, and the stairs can easily move from a pressured gate, it is obviously almost impossible to use of a hardware mounted gate, therefore you can use instead a sturdy and good quality free standing stair gate. Do not use other types of gates other than the hardware mounted types or the quality free standing stair gate. Before purchasing a baby gates for stairs, think sit down and think about how and where you will use the gates in your house and also what features is important to you. Answering all those questions before purchasing your baby gates for stairs will help you pick the baby gates for stairs that will fit your house and lifestyle the best.

Happy shopping!

Date: Saturday, 4. July 2009 7:46
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